FORCE    (Faithfully Organizing Resources for Community Empowerment) is a culmination of interfaith, grassroots and public sector leaders committed to having hard conversations about complex community issues, pushing boundaries and generating creative justice oriented solutions. We leverage media and culturally relevant strategies to connect people least likely to be engaged to civic infrastructures.

Toward the goal of building a safer, freer Detroit, Force is committed the following programs and activities:

Participatory Research – we aim to drive and capture the experiences of their constituencies and support them to create academically sound research that gives voice to otherwise ignored community concerns.

Narrative Building – pairs participatory research efforts with media creation and communications strategy to ensure that community voice is represented in public dialogue.

Youth and Millennial Organizing – seeks to deepen the community organizing and civic leadership capacity of youth and millennials who statistically are least likely to be engaged to civic infrastructures.

Coalition Development – we build relationships with Detroit’s grassroots leaders and activists to foster increased collaboration, improve and deepen relationships and coordinate efforts for greater impact.

Core components of our approach include:

 Leadership Development Trainings – national and local trainings and planning sessions to build capacity and coordination of leaders to support change-making efforts.

Community Events and Public Actions – Force hosts a variety of public events and actions to bring attention to, inform and engage the broader public in creating solutions to issues as well as support advocacy efforts.

1-1 meetings – leaders engage people in their community in dialogue about community issues to learn how they are being impacted

Detroit 2019 Cost Per Shooting Report

Live Free Detroit - Combating the Forced Criminalization of a City 2018 Community Survey Report

Our team is composed of passionate community thought leaders dedicated to empowering community members.
Alia Harvey Quinn

Alia Harvey Quinn



Alia Harvey-Quinn is the Director for Force. Born and raised in Detroit, Mrs. Harvey-Quinn began working in the nonprofit sector as a volunteer performance poet, visual artist and instructor.  Moving from creating art about community issues to working to positively impact those issues, Alia dedicated 14 years to the nonprofit field, working and volunteering in many schools, community centers and churches across Metropolitan Detroit.

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Najanava Harvey-Quinn

Najanava Harvey-Quinn

Community Organizer and Project Manager

Social Justice Street Fighter Najanava Harvey-Quinn is an organizer and project manager with Force Detroit. Najanava has a passion for social justice and comes from a family of grassroots organizers; as a unit they have been actively involved nationally with the fight for 15, equal rights, women’s rights, violence reduction and criminal justice reform.

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Karisha Vanzant

Karisha Vanzant

Program Associate


Karisha Vanzant is the current Program Associate at Force Detroit, a project of Faith in Action Network. She provides administrative support to the Director, Alia Harvey-Quinn, the Communications/Media Arts, and the Live Free Coalition Department.

Karisha is a Michigan native and has worked in the non-profit community in the Metro Detroit area for the last four years. She received her Bachelor’s in Communications Media Arts from Wayne State University and Certificate in Digital Media Arts from Specs Howards School of Media Arts and Studies. With a focus on Film Making.

She developed her intense devotion to non-profit work from volunteering at her local community center. There she sat as an Administrative and Communications Assistant for three years. She found a love for community organizing, advertising, promotions, and event planning. This experience gave her a deep appreciation for how non-profits seek to improve the quality of life for so many individuals and families, one program at a time.

Also, she loves working with youth, spoken word poetry, traveling, and painting. She is happiest spending time with her husband and four children.


Dujuan "Zoe" Kennedy

Dujuan "Zoe" Kennedy

Community Organizer


My name is Dujuan Zoe Kennedy, born and raised on the westside of Detroit, Michigan, by a working-class family with strong ties in the community. By the age of 11, I strayed from my upbringing and began to engage in a lifestyle of crime. Which lead to 14 years of incarceration. During those years, I experienced a gradual change for the better due to the conditions and men around me. They encouraged and reinforced my growth by acknowledging and supporting the path I’m traveling today. Which is the path of activism and unity. I was released on 5/19/2019; by the end of 6/2019, I was once again surrounded by a community of people active in the betterment of our people and humanity as a whole. This is who I am! One of the people! With the people! For the people! Of the people!

James “Screal” Eberheart Jr.

James “Screal” Eberheart Jr.

Community Visioneer


James “Screal” Eberheart Jr. was born and raised in Inkster, Mi. After graduating from high school, he moved to Detroit. There, he began schooling at Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) studying Computer Information Systems while working in the communications field as a Cable Technician. In 2014, after eight years of working in corporate America, Screal experienced an injury at work that changed his life indefinitely. Subsequently, he began his journey of activism full-time in the communities of Detroit. Understanding the psychological strain on African Americans living in destitute conditions, he began an independent study of how the mind works. Therefore creating an entity called Hopz Management and becoming an entrepreneur. Screal‘s dedication and marketing skill-set earned him a seat on the board of Directors for New Era Detroit (N.E.D) as Chief Visionary/Executive Officer in 2014-15. After 4 years of dedication, Screal was presented the role of Vice President of New Era Detroit, August 17th, 2018. N.E.D is a community based grass-root organization centered around socioeconomic issues that operate nationally and internationally in 13+ states and Nigeria.

James “Screal” Eberheart Jr. in 2017 also entered his hat into the Detroit Political Realm. Running in the Primary Election as a Write-In Candidate for Detroit City Council District 1.

Screal‘s passion for people leads him to create a prominent program called Black To Reality (BTR). A program developed to build character and social awareness among the youth in schools. Curriculum’s consists of developing remedial math and reading skills peer mentoring, and social development (self-esteem). His desire to have a better understanding of the mind motivated him to further his independent study to a major for Mental Health and African-American Psychology. Which led him to become a brand ambassador at Inception (The First Mental Health Gym). Since becoming a full-time community organizer, Screal has been able to help more people in the community with now, operating a leadership position in 2020 with TandemEd “Own Your Story” / “Detroit Is Us” as the City Manager and National Field Director. There he has built coalitions with local residents, other community organizations, black businesses, and assisted in developing more self-sustainable programs locally and nationally. With just a little over 5 years of full-time community organizing, Screal has been able to assist with the growth of community organizing across the nation and remains dedicated to the progression of our future generations and communities.


Advisory Council

We believe in shared accountability. Therefore our advisors consist of trusted community leaders with a track record of activism and empowerment.

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Faith In Action National Network

Faith In Action (Formerly PICO) is a national network of faith-based community organizations working to create innovative solutions to problems facing urban, suburban and rural communities. Since 1972 Faith In Action has successfully worked to increase access to health care, improve public schools, make neighborhoods safer, build affordable housing, redevelop communities and revitalize democracy.

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Live Free

(Faith In Action National Campaign)

As people of faith, we know that our country’s legacy of racism, violence, and economic exploitation runs counter to what is prescribed in our most sacred texts. Sadly, the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world is also one of the most violent and punitive. With almost 12,000 gun murders a year (more than the annual death toll of U.S. soldiers during the Vietnam War) and the highest incarceration rate in the world, we find ourselves in a moral crisis—a crisis which disproportionately impacts the poor and communities of color. Learn More
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In order to create community led solutions to violence in our community, we need the energy of the community. Please join us in creating a force for justice! 

We are committed to connecting impacted people to opportunities to create justice oriented policies and solutions. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about our efforts and how you can get involved.

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Driving FORCE awards

FORCE Detroit Executive Director Alia Harvey-Quinn and the FORCE Detroit team were joined by special guest speakers to honor our city’s heroes. The Driving FORCE awards were hosted at the historic campus of Marygrove College in Detroit, Wednesday, October 21, 2020. With presenters that included Victoria M. Burton-Harris, Esq, the recent progressive democratic contender for Wayne County Prosecutor, Kevin Ryan Program Officer City | State Department Ford Foundation, and McGregor Fund President Kate Levin Markel. Melanca Clark, President Hudson-Webber Foundation, delivered a keynote address that spoke of unity and community involvement in neighborhood safety.