Alia Harvey-Quinn


Alia Harvey-Quinn is the Director for Force. Born and raised in Detroit, Ms. Harvey-Quinn began working in the nonprofit sector as a volunteer performance poet, visual artist and instructor.  Moving from creating art about community issues to working to positively impact those issues, Alia dedicated 14 years to the nonprofit field, working and volunteering in many schools, community centers and churches across Metropolitan Detroit.

Ms. Harvey-Quinn is passionate about community organizing, arts education, social justice and media creation that centers communities as the experts and narrators of their own stories. Mrs. Harvey-Quinn is proud to count among her successes founding FORCE, a project of the Faith In Action Network uniquely designed to primarily engage returning citizens and millennials in Detroit and co-founding Detroit Future Youth, a youth led network of over a dozen justice based media organizing nonprofits. Detroit Future Youth supported 10 organizations with $300K of funding and engaged over 2000 young Detroiters in media education and arts creation experiences online over a 16 month period from 2011 – 2012. Alia is also responsible for the development and management of multiple youth entrepreneurial art programs that engaged youth in community activism and resulted in the production of 15 community murals, two spoken word and hip hop cds highlighting issues of youth identity and social justice, two volumes of poetry, an art gallery, as well as several graphically enhanced products.

Ms. Harvey-Quinn is also a mother of three. In her spare time she spends time with family, cooks, journals, creates vision boards, heckles her siblings and sings loudly and poorly.

You can contact Alia at 313-600-8877 or via email at

Amanda hill

Amanda Hill is the Community Engagement Coordinator for FORCE Detroit. She is a Detroit west-sider and community organizer passionate about social, racial, and economic justice.  Amanda began organizing as a founding member BYP100 Detroit, an organization working for the liberation of ALL Black people. She is presently one of the chapter co-chairs. She loves to read and collaboratively build toward a vision of dignity, safety and wellness  for marginalized people.

Amanda has a background in health and wellness, having received a Bachelor of Science in Movement Science from the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology. Community is dear to her, and Amanda is honored to do her part in facilitating holistic wellness in Detroit communities as a Reiki practitioner and core collaborator of Healing by Choice.

In addition to her love of community, Amanda is passionate about the arts. She is lead singer of Detroit-based band White Buffs on the Astral Plane. She also enjoys crafting jewelry, and makes hair care and skincare products.

 She can be reached at

Brandon Dandridge

Brandon Dandridge is the lead Outreach community organizer for force Detroit. Born and raised on the North Eastside of the city, over the years he has developed a tribal sense for community which naturally shows up in his passion for organizing. Brandon is new to the formal organizing scene, yet has already emerged himself immensely as an organizer by utilizing his directly impacted roots as a catalyst to influence others who also too have been directly impacted to exhibit energy and action around live free issues.

Formerly incarcerated he’s no stranger to nuances that his community faces. He attended Eastern Michigan University, and Wayne County Community College where he studied business. While there his passion for community well being manifested after studying a plethora of social sciences. Understanding how education plus opportunity has help change and shape him, he developed similars goals and desires for the suffering impoverished community where his roots still heavily resides. Naturally he empathizes with the challenges of the community around him, and has dedicated his life to improving the socio and economic opportunities for HIS people.

He can be reached at

Lottie V. Spady

Lottie V. Spady is the Communications Director for Force Detroit. Lottie has been a Detroit activist for the past fifteen years developing programs, facilitating workshops, classes, and trainings, and working specifically with children, teens and adults to promote, educate, and empower communities at the intersections of media justice, food justice, environmental justice, community health, and civic engagement. Lottie has successfully co-founded a media design and education company dedicated to media literacy and media justice in the areas of advertising, social media, and community produced media. She has presented media justice work representing a number of organizations on national and international platforms around environmental justice and media justice such as the People’s Summit at Rio+20, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, California, and Representing the City: Technology Action and Change Symposium at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Lottie was an instrumental team member in the founding of the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition, The Detroit Food Justice Task Force, the Detroit Media Economy Collaborative and the Child Health Incubator Research Project (CHIRP).  

Lottie’s background is in graphic and multimedia design. She was key in the foundation of the Urban Artist Collective at Vanguard Community Development Corporation. There she worked with some of the most amazing young people on the planet in graphic design, website design and poetry. Many of those youth now have careers in multimedia production, non-profit work, community organizing, food justice and writing.

Lottie is also passionate about plants, our planet and is an outright tree-hugging, camping, foraging, survivalist soul. She especially loves weeds. She is a practicing herbalist and is keenly interested the building community health and empowerment through herbalism. She can often be found outside in a field or forest wandering with her dog, Riley, and a camera.

She can be reached at