Driving Force Awards

FORCE Detroit Executive Director Alia Harvey-Quinn and the FORCE Detroit team were joined by special guest speakers to honor our city’s heroes. The Driving FORCE awards were hosted at the historic campus of Marygrove College in Detroit, Wednesday, October 21, 2020. With presenters that included Victoria M. Burton-Harris, Esq, the recent progressive democratic contender for Wayne County Prosecutor, Kevin Ryan Program Officer City | State Department Ford Foundation, and McGregor Fund President Kate Levin Markel. Melanca Clark, President Hudson-Webber Foundation, delivered a keynote address that spoke of unity and community involvement in neighborhood safety. 

Our honorees were individuals and organizations that have de-escalated volatile situations keeping our citizens safe. They have educated and held our public servants to a higher standard of safety within the community.  These citizen leaders galvanized our communities to ensure safety and understanding. 

FORCE Detroit and our partners recognized these heroes as the true representation of Detroit’s uncanny ability to rise above and persevere. The Driving FORCE Awards recognized and provided an honorarium to a small cohort of community leaders who stood bravely between police and protesters to de-escalate violence from both sides this past summer. The awards program serves as a tribute to those individuals and organizations that put their lives on the line to keep our city safe.