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Why Does This Matter to You?

Feb 18, 2019 | stuff | 0 comments

Can we imagine a world where we invest in community rather than big business? We need programs, practices and policies that prevent violence before it occurs instead of spending valuable resources on symptoms of the problem.

Violence is a symptom of a cultural virus. And we are in the middle of a plague.

We have knowingly and unknowingly created the conditions for this cultural virus to thrive.

It is wiping out our families and communities by the thousands daily. It leaves our resources stretched thin and ultimately tapped dry.

It leaves us with no defense.

Sooner or later we are all impacted and affected by the culture of violence that is thriving today.

A lot of the efforts that have been touted as solutions simply re-create worn out models that have never worked.

Policing is not a form of prevention.

Prison is not a form of prevention.

Policies such as “Zero Tolerance”, are not a form of prevention.

Do you want to work together to create healthy, safer communities for all?

Contact Force Detroit to be a part of community driven, grassroots efforts that center people of color and those who are most impacted by violence, crime, and poverty.

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